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We speak your language. 

Starting a business can feel like everyone is speaking a foreign language, let us translate for you. 

Our mentoring services will assist you with everything from business license applications, crafting your business plan, to effectively conveying your message to the world through a marketing strategy.

At Adams Hub, you'll have access to valuable networking and collaboration opportunities, connecting you with like-minded entrepreneurs, experts, and resources to expand your professional network.

With our SizeUP tool, Adams Hub offers you the chance to collect essential data, gain market insights, and access the information you need to make informed business decisions.

We understand the entrepreneurial journey, that's why we provide all our services at no cost.

“Adams Hub has changed my life. Since I moved to Carson City last year, I didn’t have a community, and had to start my business all over again. Adams Hub has been instrumental and supportive in building my business."

"Adams Hub is a great resource for the community. If you are looking to grow your business then you need to check them out. I always enjoy making connections and plugging into the educational opportunities Adams Hub provides."

"Adams Hub is an excellent place for small businesses in Carson City, Dayton, Carson Valley, and surrounding areas to connect and learn for business growth! If you are a new business , small business, or just vetting your business idea, go to Adams Hub."



111 W. Proctor Street

Carson City, NV 89703

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Get ready to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit within you.

Ignite Your Entrepreneurial fire

We aim to be the catalyst for business success, making dreams of growth and sustainability a reality for entrepreneurs in our community.


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